What Is Green Screen? What Is Color Correction?

Original Raw Shot


Green Screen Removed, Background Replaced, Color Correction Done.


I have had numerous questions about green screen (chroma keying) and color correction. Most of them are from novice or non-filmmakers asking “What is this green screen thing?” and “What is color correction for in a movie?”

After looking for the best answer to this, I found the two pictures above the best visual explanation of what this is.

The first picture shows the original shot, in the raw, against a green screen.

The second picture shows the end result of removing the green screen, putting in a background, then correcting the color so the shot looks a LOT better.

Obviously, in a movie, this happens with moving pictures, but the effect is the same as above.

I’ll be doing an entire video series on this later, but I wanted to answer the question.


Best, BFM


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