How Do I Setup My DSLR Camera For Video? – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 02


So you’ve got that new awesome Camera. So…how the heck do you set it up for video?

NOTE: This episode assumes you are going to use a video editor or After Effects or something to do the color correction YOURSELF. If you’re just shooting and uploading, your video will look bland. If you’re doing the color correction yourself, your video will look ridiculously AWESOME! 🙂


Best, BFM


What Camera Should I Get? – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 01


This is the first Basic Filmmaker Episode 1. I hope you like it!

The most asked question I’ve got since the beginning of the universe is, “WHAT KIND OF CAMERA SHOULD I GET?”

So I decided to answer it!


Best, BFM

I Am A Space Marine Honey Badger (Game Commercial Parody)


Many moons ago, I put this together for a dear friend in the office who is into everything Space Marine (it’s a game). This is a parody of the original Space Marine commercial with Lance Hendrickson and Tricia Helfer.

I decided to cut it down a bit and give it a home on YouTube.

Here are the links to the actual Space Marine products or companies:,000%29


Best, BFM