Jump Cuts In Video – Which Should I Use? – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 07


What are jump cuts? Find out in this episode when you should use them, and when you should not.


Best, BFM


Lighting – Inside, Outside, Green Screen – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 06


There’s lots of tutorials about lighting out there. I cover a few additional comments about this subject.


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Cords, Cables, Poop And Bringing Order – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 05


Problems managing and storing cords and cables? In this episode I tell you how taking a poop can help! 🙂


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How Do I Edit Green Screen Footage In 3 Minutes? – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 04

I’ve had numerous questions about how to pull a good green screen. This is known as pulling a key, chroma key, replacing a green background, etc.

Well, here’s the tutorial on how you do the perfect green screen removal process in After Effects and drop in a background that looks really real in about 3 minutes or less.

Special thanks go to Phillip Bloom, Eve Hazelton and the Realm Team for originally including part of this in a full lighting tutorial.


Best, BFM

How Do I Setup White Balance For Video? – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 03

Now you’ve got your camera, all the settings are correct, but things look wonky!


Well…you need to set your white balance before each shoot, and once you know how to do it, it will take about 10 seconds!


Best, BFM

Clarification of DSLR Camera Setup – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 02.5


I had quite a few questions from Episode 2, how to setup the DSLR camera for video (http://youtu.be/ZwVBQ6FG2d8).

In this episode, I clarify them!


Best, BFM