The Hocus Pocus of DSLR Focus – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 16

I am getting a lot comments from new DSLR users about how to keep a DSLR in focus while shooting video. Well, without getting into follow focus systems and shot planning, here’s an answer!


Camera Shots From Above

Wow. Who needs a crane?

ASK AN EXPERT! The Basic Filmmaker Episode 15

I had a lot of emails and questions about ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Depth of Field. So I decided to interview an expert, who has the most IRRITATING  voice EVER!!!

And…this is about the quirkiest episode I’ve ever done…or will do. I think. 🙂

Sounding Off About Sound! – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 14

Want good sound?

Let’s cover the basics of getting good sound, and let’s do it using gear you probably already have!

1500 Subscribers! Thank You! – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 13

I just wanted to thank everyone personally for helping to make The Basic Filmmaker a success.

I just reached the 1500 subscriber mark, and really appreciate everyone who helped.

Here’s looking to the next 1500, 5000, and over 9000!