The Code of a Filmmaker – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 19

Most professions have a set of principles they generally agree to. I made one for Filmmakers!

I hope you like it and share it with others.


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1,000,000,000,000 Frames/Second? WOW!

A bit technical, but, WOW!!! Who cares about meg-pixels!! 🙂

Best, BFM

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Play Dress Up

Sometimes, you end up on a shoot, and everyone is way more comfortable when you dress the part.

Seriously…who’s gonna feel in character with some guy in jeans behind the camera? 🙂



GEAR AND STUFF! – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 18


So, you want to make films and videos? Well, you’re gonna need some gear! In this episode, I cover some of the gear new and budding filmmakers will want to eventually get, and some tips and advices on when to buy them.


Best, BFM

Simple 2-step Color Correction in After Effects, Premier, Vegas – The Basic Filmmaker Episode 17

Color Correcting film is an art. It takes time, skill, and a good eye. Wait! What about simple videos? Well, here’s a 2-step process for color correcting your videos in After Effects, Premier Pro and Sony Vegas.